Paul Kim is a Brooklyn-based sommelier, designer, and educator.

Paul is a Californian creative who always had a knack for storytelling. He is a natural host and event thrower with experience throwing large parties for crowds and companies all over the country.  A designer first, Paul has experience in designing for companies such as Nike and Amazon.Though Paul has lived in proximity to some of the best wine regions of the US including Napa and Oregon, it wasn’t until later in life did he discover his love of wine. Upon passing his studies at the Court of Master Sommeliers, Paul founded Uncharted NYC to help advocate for the accessibility in wine.  Uncharted NYC's core mission is to help break down the world of wine in an approachable format. Paul’s greatest hope for Uncharted NYC is to bring together a community of people to gather around the table and find that this big wide world is not so big after all, one glass at a time.If you are curious about the world of wine, want to get in touch for info on private events, and consulting, let’s get in touch.